Thermomix TM6 Discussion 2024

In 2024, I had the opportunity to review the new Thermomix TM6, which is packed with beauty features not available on the previous TM5 model. As a hands-on review, I thoroughly explored the device’s new functionality and capabilities.

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The new model from Thermomix boasts a significant improvement with its large screen, which makes it easier to use than before. One of its unique features is its online recipe search capabilities, including Cookidoo, an online recipe platform. By swiping right on the screen, you can access over 70,000 recipes from Australia and worldwide.

Although Cookidoo requires an annual subscription priced at $69, your TM6 purchase includes a complimentary six-month subscription, making it great value for money. With numerous useful features and an extensive recipe database, Cookidoo is undoubtedly a major selling point for the Thermomix TM6.

The Cookidoo platform that comes with the Thermomix TM6 may require a subscription, but it offers a huge recipe database. Personally, I believe this makes it a worthwhile investment. With more than 80,000 recipes currently available (and new ones added regularly), it far exceeds the offering of a single cookbook. Additionally, the recipes go through a thorough writing, testing and research process. It is important to recognize that real people are employed to fulfill these tasks on a monthly basis. Considering these factors, I am satisfied with $1.32 per week.

Additionally, you can add your own recipes or adapt Cookidoo recipes, making them your own guided recipes. You can create wish lists, plan menus, create shopping lists and even order groceries online. This makes it a perfect solution for weekly meal planners or those with food intolerances or picky eaters. I run all kinds of free zoom sessions to help you get the most out of your Thermomix. I’ll add a link at the end.

Another exciting feature of the TM6 is its mode, which can be accessed by swiping to the left side of the screen. These programmed shortcuts combine different functions to create unique combinations, making it easy to create your own recipes and play with different cooking methods.

I find this area really useful for me as I have many recipes of my own and love to play around. These clever combinations of functions are now programmed into machines as automatic shortcuts.

The Thermomix TM6’s mode screen is designed to replace other kitchen appliances at the touch of a button. With 14 different modes and counting, this feature is a game changer for the busy cook. For example, the blending mode gradually increases to maximum speed, making hot blending much safer and easier.

The pre-clean mode automatically senses how dirty the bowl is and cleans accordingly. Other modes include kettle mode, fermentation mode, sous-vide mode and slow cooking mode, perfect for busy people. The slow cooking mode is brilliant for cuts of meat that require more cooking time.

With the slow cooking function, you can adjust the flavors of your food to your liking. For example, the TM6 can be used to make pulled pork by placing a boneless pork shoulder in the bowl over the blade and setting it to cook for six hours. Excess liquid can be poured off at the end of the cooking time, and the pork can be shredded with the blade on the opposite setting for a tasty result.

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Thermomix TM6 Discussion For Kitchen

The Thermomix TM6’s new high-heat function is a game-changer for confectionery products like honeycomb and toffee. With a maximum temperature of 160°, Thermomix can now reach the hard crack stage at sugar temperatures, which were impossible in the past. Earlier models not only did not reach the high heat required, but the constant movement of the blades would cause the sugar to crystallize and stick, but with the TM6, this is no longer a problem thanks to the built-in guided cooking feature. This new development is a significant improvement that unlocks another area of application for thermionics

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That said, when I tested the honeycomb, it gave a good result and didn’t cry the next day, proving that the temperature had indeed reached high enough for this sugar trick to do a great job.

A few other notable changes include the improved spatula, which has gone from hard plastic to a softer, more flexible end and is much more suitable for scraping the bowl (finally – someone heard us!).

But that’s not all – the TM6 also boasts a range of other improvements that make it an even more useful tool in the kitchen. The improved spatula is more flexible and easier to use, while the new splatter guard and simmering basket lid help prevent messes and spills. The new MC (measuring cup) is made of a solid material that reduces noise and stays securely in place, and the built-in speaker lets you watch and listen to process videos that come with some recipes.

Perhaps the most significant improvement of all is the ability to add your recipes to TM6. This means you can easily follow your own favorite recipes or modify the cookidoo recipes to suit your taste. With internet connectivity and the ability to always add new recipes, the TM6 is a truly versatile and customizable kitchen tool that will deliver consistent results every time you use it.

While the high heat function is a great addition, I have noticed that some users feel that they need to use a directed recipe from start to finish to achieve caramelization. There are many ways to use this feature, and if you need help learning more about it, jump into one of our free Zoom sessions. You can achieve things you never thought were possible at first. While TM6 can help you slow down and jump-start the caramelization process, it still takes time to achieve true caramelization. Nevertheless, the Thermomix TM6 is an excellent appliance that offers a range of exciting features and improvements that will impress any home cook.

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Things I don’t like:

I’m really picky here, but honesty is important to me.

Locking Arms: If you’re used to the TM31 not locking arms, you may find the TM6 unlocking process slow, especially when there’s hot fluid inside. However, this is a minor inconvenience that can be handled by doing something else while waiting.

Internet Syncing: Unlike the TM31, the TM6 takes a few seconds to sync to the Internet when turned on. Although this can be frustrating for some, it can be easily managed by taking care of other things in between.

Upgrade Timing: Upgrades (over the Internet) are usually done in the morning, which may be inconvenient for some users who prefer to use their machines at that time. Although it would be great if the upgrades were done overnight, this is not a big problem as the upgrades are important for the optimal performance of the machine. Thankfully there aren’t many updates, Vorewerk is smart, and they seem to put things together for us. After all, if we have to wait for 15 minutes or more to use our machine, we can wait for new exciting functions.

Price: The Thermomix TM6 is a premium appliance, and its price may seem high to some. However, I believe it is a worthwhile investment due to its exceptional build quality and easily accessible service. Compared to other leading appliances in the same price range, its features, long lifespan and durability justify the investment. My oven, hotplate and dishwasher cost the same, yet they lack the intelligence of the Thermomix TM6.


If you already own a Thermomix, you may question the need to upgrade to the TM6, especially if you own a TM5. While the differences may not be immediately apparent, the TM6 represents a significant advance over its predecessors. There really is no other instrument that can match the capabilities of the TM6.

As mentioned earlier, the most notable enhancements include a larger screen, which greatly improves the user experience. Additionally, TM6 constantly updates its features, such as high-heat guided recipes, online shopping, menu planning and the ability to create your own guided recipes. With numerous modes and functions, the TM6 is truly a versatile machine.

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