How to choose a dining table: a buying guide

dining table

Our Kitchen Zone guide to choosing how a dining table takes into account both form and function. Consider, where it will be how often it will be used and whether it is a formal or informal hosting space is important. So we divided this blog into four categories to help you make your decision. Your dining table should be right for you, your family, your lifestyle and your home.

How to choose, a dining table – 4 large

Low budget, flat pack, furniture is a thing of the past, and luckily we curve forward. Capacity has been our priority, from the beginning, and we believe that a dining table, that should be an investment that offers a lifetime of loyal service. These are the essential points you must consider, before deciding what to buy:

Where will the dining table be located?

How do you use the dining table?

What is the best size and shape for a dining table?

What is the best material for a dining table?

Where will your dining table be located?

Will your dining table be a dedicated dining room, used exclusively for eating? Or, will it be taking center stage, a kitchen, dining or open plan space? Taking this into consideration allows you to choose from your perfect model, from the ideal size and shape to the feet. Go, if you visit a Vela showroom, our team of experts will, with the discussion of your requirements, make sure that you choose the perfect dining table.

How will you use your dining table?

How to choose a table depends mainly on how you will use it. Your table can be, the hub’s home, a place for the family to gather around and food. Or, perhaps it is only used for special occasions when hosting guests. Otherwise, it could work as a mid-week home office and home, school station. Since the beginning, Covid, this is the main way, as we have seen, transforming the use of the dining table.

However we have seen, a shift away from open plan and a back broken plan inward in the last few months. Reclaiming different places for different tasks part of the wellness movement 2022. This means that if you consider buying home office specific furniture, it will be a suitable investment.

Depending on how formally and frequently you use will affect your dining table that model will be good for you. So, make sure that you take this thing, if the account is selected in, your table.

How to choose a dining table: size and shape

dining table

The size and shape of your dining table depends on where it is happening and how you intend to use it. Make sure that there is enough, in circulation, to move around the table and rearrange the chairs, if necessary. These are the most popular styles:

Notice table

If this is good work space is at a premium. They complete the square room or part of the living room /  room, where they can, throat, other furniture of linear importance.

Square table

This is suitable, small spaces, perfect for couples’ homes. Or, to make a statement with, a large square table, perfect for the home where the large portion spread in the center of the table nature.

Rectangular table

Perfect for large rooms and large families or families. Providing rectangular tables and space options.

Don’t look after your table legs

Often the identity, shape and placement of your table’s legs are incredibly important. If necessary, you can take advantage of the maximum capacity of your  table, for example, a large family dense dinner party or children’s parties, choose the corner set. Legs set at the corner, rather tight for maximum flexibility and comfort. To do otherwise, for a stylish statement.

What is the best ingredient for, on your table?

For the best material, your dining table depends on all the above factors, as well as the overall style and the area of your design stage. The good thing about the natural materials we use, is that they fit close to the interior, thereby transforming a room for them and expressing their charm without losing time. Timelessness style and durability are essential when choosing, perfect, dining table, so materials such as wood or MDF are not a firm. Yes, they can be cheap, but they are a short-term savings as they need to be replaced soon as opposed to teak models that last their whole life.

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Teak Wood Table

A sturdy table made from teak will last for a lifetime. It wears proud of its history, but the signs are mellowed and it’s not the end of the world if you, your family, or guests inadvertently add more signs. If you want, environmentally friendly, durable, furniture, it is a great choice. A story with furniture.

Glass top table

Is a glass table, a beautiful decoration choice highlighting dark areas and offering a stylish edge to your space. They are easy to clean, and give a contemporary touch to any style area. Our teak root glass dining table is made from extra toughened glass, making it a durable, practical and stylish way.

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