Terms and Conditions Of Our Kitchen Zone

To grab the best experience and service with our kitchen zone, you must give a check on the terms & conditions. Like every organization, we carry some basic terms & conditions to maintain the smoothest service. These specific rules and restrictions will make the website safe for everyone. So, we request our visitors to have a check on this section and take all the steps as their responsibilities to maintain. 

Copyright Notice 

Each and every content posted on our website is highly protected by global copyright and trademark laws. This law will be applicable to all our third party authorizers and service providers. Without legal right, no one can use our article, music, picture, videos, books, e-books, text, graphics documents, software, plugin, webinar, add on, application, art, or any other contents. Even no user can modify, edit, reproduce, upload, republish our contents by other names.  

Risk Assumption 

We don’t carry any responsibility for the potential risk by using the website or any information. Our website is absolved of any kind of warranties/ guarantees. Our website won’t be liable for any damage that might happen directly or indirectly by using details posted here. It’s ultimately our customer’s responsibility to evaluate every piece of information accuracy. We can’t assure all truthfulness, accuracy, reliability, originality, practical impact with any of our information/ content posted on our website. If you apply any information to your work, it will stand absolutely as your responsibility. 

Also, we don’t claim to serve interruption-free and error-free experiences 24/7. But our service and expert team will definitely work to make the errors correct. 

User responsibilities and restrictions

As a user, you carry some essential responsibilities to maintain healthy communication. Try to follow these restrictions here:

  • Don’t post any material that holds copyright by another organization/ company
  • Don’t post material that reveals any kind of organization based secrets of any specific organization/ persona.
  • Don’t post material that crashes on any kind of property rights
  • Don’t post material that is racist, profane, intangible, insulting, threatening, harassing, abominable towards any particular community.
  • Don’t post content that reveals another user’s personal information without consent.
  • Don’t post anything that is sexually explicit and might seem inappropriate for the audience.
  • Allow or deny every notification by reading wisely. 
  • Avoid harassing, offending, stalking, threatening, or abusing any other users virtually on this site.

Modification of law

Our website holds the entire authority to change law and discipline anytime. Depending on the situation, it’s absolutely legal to bring any other updates. But you’ll get it notified if any of your content has been changed, replaced, or got deleted. But sometimes, these changes are brimming confusions for visitors. So, we’ll notify and direct you to hold all the changes quickly and rightly. 

Restricted access on several areas

Our site holds the authority to restrict specific area access without proper identification proof from the user. To get access, you might need to provide your name, user id, and password. All of this information will be kept confidential and safe from all other third party associations. We want to maximize the security as well as the user experience of every user. If we follow any junk access/ unnatural activities through any user id, we carry the authority to disable or put obligation legally on that account. To avoid frequent logging in hassle, you can save them through cookies. This will avoid the trouble of logging in every time. 


You can reach our service team through email anytime. But our website doesn’t claim any guarantee for responding instantly. We completely understand the urgency and importance of serving customers. If you have any questions about our service or terms & conditions, send us a mail. Our service team works 24/7 to serve authentic information. But sometimes, because of network interruption/ misconnection, it gets trouble to give solutions to every customer rapidly. So, we would request you to hold the patience and wait for the response.