Mixer Buying Guide 2024

You don’t have to be a contestant on a reality baking show to appreciate the power of a sturdy stand mixer. With one, you can plow through thick cookie dough …

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Refrigerator Buying Guide

Refrigerator Buying Guide 2024

Consider, space, features and budget when shopping for a refrigerator, renovating your kitchen. Before starting, shopping for new kitchen appliances, make sure you have a well-thought-out plan for your kitchen …

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How to Buy the Best Dryer 2024

From laundry capacity, extra features, controls, design and smart features, we’ll explain what you need to know before buying a new best dryer. Clothes dryers are not as glamorous as …

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coffee maker

The best coffee makers for 2024

We’ve tested the best coffee makers out there. From drip to cold brew, we’ve got recommendations to suit your taste and budget and ensure every cup of coffee is perfect. …

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Microwaves Buying Guide 2024

Microwaves can do more than just heat up cold coffee and frozen dinners. In fact, microwaves’ additional cooking capabilities (from convection cooking to steaming) make them more necessary than ever, …

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Best Oven buying guide 2024

You’ve been in the market for a Oven and it’s been a while since things probably changed. We have created a practical guide with helpful tips on how to choose …

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Washing machine1

Washing Machine Buying Guide 2024

School is in full swing, and that means you’ll be washing machine more loads of laundry. You want your family’s school clothes and casual clothes to look its best. If …

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thermomix tm63

Thermomix TM6 Discussion 2024

In 2024, I had the opportunity to review the new Thermomix TM6, which is packed with beauty features not available on the previous TM5 model. As a hands-on review, I …

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