Privacy Policy Of Our Kitchen Zone

Who we are?

We are the best and professional help to every kitchen. Our expert opinion and researchers take the lead in buying and selling all kinds of kitchen appliances. Visit us here:

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Our company respects the privacy of every visitor. To hold up the relationship better and keep you informed, we collect some general information about you. We require some basic identifiable information as name, contact info, mail address, IP address, date & time, user movement, and others. This information is gathered for statistical and analytical purposes. Besides, you’ll be getting informed of any updates about our services by accepting the notifications allowance. 


To avoid any fake reviews or spam comments, we require basic information about the users. Our site will detect if the person who wants to comment is real or just spam. This will certainly help both the company and visitors to grab authentic reviews about the site service. These comments will undoubtedly be shown publicly on the site. 


The media apart is quite helpful to hold up the information about any content easily. We avoid uploading any images, pictures, fields, videos with embedded location data. These are certainly including EXIF GPS. So, visitors can easily download or use the media files along with our content. These are 100% copyright claims to avoid any sip-up.

Contact forms

Our site claims to fulfill a contact form for every user. We put here contact number, email address, or others. This will basically help to make a solid visitor-company relationship. This form is a way to keep your contact info private. As you are filling up a form, only the spammers won’t be able to get any scope to reach you. 


Once you fill-up the form or give all the details to our site, you would be automatically saved with our cookies. This will not make you fill-up the form every time you visit our site. Also, to avoid any spam users, we have cookies to notice the user works. This will track your every step. But this is only to make every user and the company safe from any viruses. 

Some might also think that cookies will violate the customer data. But the truth is, here, you’ve got no issues with our site. The cookies will only determine privacy, interaction, and other steps. But these will never consist of any personal data.

The cookies will get discarded instantly whenever you close the browser. Besides, you can allow some cookies to save your login information. These will give you the option to allow or not to allow. You can accept whatever option you like. 

Embedded content from other websites

Our website might include some embedded content. We can consist of other embedded content from various related sites. The website will monitor your interaction with embedded content or the website. If you’re logged in to that site, we might get to follow your steps on that site too. 


Herewith this section, you’ll catch propper details about how and why we collect details. We include all the possible privacy policies that can save personal data from google analytics to maximize customer loyalty. We stop stripping out of any personal information before reaching Google analytics. 

Who do we share your data with?

We take care of every single personal detail with every possible protection and restriction laws. Though we voluntarily reserve the right to share the customer details with some sectors. But here also we claim to not create any hassle. 

So, the sectors we’re allowed to share customer details are:

  • We are allowed to share details with every Business partner of our company. They are allowed to notify you and receive you as our particular customer on new projects/ contents. 
  • Any service providers who are related or in contact with us would get allowed to receive your data. At different times, these service providers can reach you on our behalf. 
  • The affiliate companies we are in contact with would also get to catch the visitor data. These are simply for catching the website visitor interaction.

How long do we retain your data?

Our website is able to keep your information saved as long as your account is active. There is not a certain time limit. All it will take is an active account that you created on our website. As long as the website is functional, your account and all the information will be safely retained with us. 

What rights do you have over your data?

You’ll have every right over your data. Anyone who has details would get to edit, delete or input details by logging into the created account. If you want to update anything as address or contact information, you’ll need to go to the website. Also, when you want to deactivate/ delete your account, the site will get you the entire right. Also, you can restrict your data from getting shared with any other users. The site will give you both of the options as allowing or denying. The complete control of your personal data would be under your control only.

Where do we send your data?

We don’t send any personal data to any other organization or third-party association. For statistics and research, we might share the anonymous data of users with them, But with those, no one can specifically identify the customers. Also, we send the anonymous data to google analytics. These anonymous data will include domain, browser information, language preferences, time^date, views, etc. Besides, we also claim the right with actual consent/ allowance with other users who are related to you. If you want to restrict it, there is also an option to deny it. 

Your contact information

Our site will require some of your contact information. These are the details that would be used to reach you. The contact information will undoubtedly require an email address, mobile number. 

Additional information

To hold up the visitor-company relationship more robust, we might need some other additional identifying information. So, you’ll need to provide your device information, name, home address, language preferences, and others.

How we protect your data

Our website claims to protect all your data from any virus, spam, or third parties. Without your consent, we don’t leak any identifiable data.

We encrypt data, backup data, put anti-malware protection, riddles, and robot protective questions. Also, we offer regular software updates, variable backup options, system updates to make the privacy term stronger.

Our special privacy structure will not publish any personal data without the visitor’s consent. If you feel any of your data is leaked by us, inform us and a quick response from our super-responsive team.

What data breach procedures do we have in place?

We take every possible;e step to stop a data breach. If the data breach happens, the user will get the chance to recover his/her account password. With simple and quick steps of recovering passwords, anyone would get to reset passwords. After the reset, we’ll set a new backup, scan and detect the malware and remove it. Also, our website will make every possible restriction to prevent your account from further breach incidents. 

What third parties do we receive data from?

Well, third parties help to provide data too. There are various sectors you might want to know. We get data from analytics providers, Google based outside the EU, advertising networks, payment services, technical services, and delivery services. The agents that are related to your account are also capable of supplying detailed data. 

What automated decision-making and profiling do we do with user data?

For completing some basic tasks, the website is allowed to make any decision in an automated way. This means no human interaction will be involved in those sectors. For example, this site can automatically collect and analyze the data and identify any error functions using the algorithms and report to the organization. Whatever step or task you do on a website will indeed be noted. Also, this automated profiling will keep a record of the traffic violation without having any human interruption. This will also automatically make you logged out for any inappropriate tasks on the site. If you think any mistakes have been made with the automated decision-making/ profiling, do tact with our service team. 

Industry regulatory disclosure requirements

At different times toi regulate various industry tasks, we need to disclose the visitor data. But here, we take care of complete responsibility to work against data misuse. On different tasks such as transferring, delivering, and making payments, we carry the right to disclose the data. We can reveal data with the agents related to your account, appropriate third parties that are allowed and required by law. Also, we carry the right to Befoirehead the company takes any steps, and the visitor will be asked for consent. If someone is not comfortable sharing any information, they can simply back out.