6 Kitchen Cabinet Trends You’ll See in 2024, According to Top Manufacturer

Planning to refresh your cooking space? Check out these of-the-moment design ideas from Masterbrand Cabinetry for inspiration before you pick up a hammer.

There’s a really good chance you live in a home with MasterBrand Kitchen cabinets, and if not, you’ve definitely lived in someone else’s home outfitted with them. MasterBrand is one of the largest manufacturers of residential cabinets in North America, so when they released their 2024 Cabinetry Designs and Trends Report, we had high hopes for it!

Green cabinets in the kitchen

Stephanie Pearce, brand director of design and trends, breaks down what’s hot in cabinetry right now so you can plan your next kitchen update accordingly (or you can dreamily pin these to a mood board). Some of the trends may not be too surprising as they have been floating around the design world for a while now, but this makes them great options for kitchen design with living capacity. And some new fads are coming up that might actually surprise you! Read on to find out what’s hot in the kitchen right now.

Wood grain is abundant

A huge trend we’re seeing across the design board is the color brown and anything brown-adjacent, especially wood. Going overboard with wood in rooms is especially popular with wall paneling and layering large furniture pieces of different species as it adds an intense organic warmth and texture. According to MasterBrand, “wood grain is growing in popularity, reflecting a growing appreciation for the organic beauty and texture of wood as homeowners embrace nature-inspired aesthetics.” But it was a little surprising to see the unpainted kitchen cabinets move again! We are used to anything but wood in the kitchen these days, especially because it often looks dated if the right material is not selected. To ensure your choice is in style, choose light wood finishes such as bleached-out natural wood and white oak with light or natural tones.

Creamy taupes and off-whites

White kitchen cabinets are still the same. Masterbrand says 40 percent of renovated kitchens feature this classic color choice. Except, we’re no longer gravitating towards stark white. It may look sleek and clean, but it doesn’t feel homey or inviting, which is the opposite effect you get from a space that most people think is the heart of the home. People are now opting for warmer tones like creamy taupe and off-white, even pairing it with wood accents for a more cozy feel.

Orange and red undertones

Speaking of warm colors, red and orange undertones are slowly creeping into wooden kitchen cabinets. (This is in addition to the light wood grain we mentioned earlier.) It’s a trend that makes sense from a design perspective—earthy shades like clay and terracotta have been buzzing for years now, so it’s natural for this reddish color to spread to other materials. Masterbrand says, “Warm orange-red hues appear on walls, furnishings and decor, adding depth and character to interiors and providing a visual focal point that effortlessly draws attention and sparks interest without taking away from the neutral, grounding. place.

Mixed-color Kitchen cabinets

Contrasting cabinets are still all the rage and probably won’t go away for a while—it’s such an easy way to incorporate color without going overboard! Data from MasterBrand Houzz confirms that 46 percent of homeowners choose to mix colors in the kitchen. “Often, they choose a contrasting island cabinet color, moving away from the main kitchen cabinet shade to a more dramatic tone.” As for specific shades, Masterbrand says consumers are leaning towards earthy, muted and moody shades, with blue, grey, black and warm brown tones being the most popular choices.

Modern-traditional style

People are loving the idea of balancing old with new—Masterbrand says the top kitchen cabinet styles they’re seeing are transitional, soft modern and modern traditional. This provides a great middle ground for people who don’t want to fully commit to just one aesthetic. Masterbrand confirms that modern design is definitely still hot in the kitchen right now, but “homeowners and designers are mixing design elements to balance aesthetics, functionality and personal flair in the kitchen. These styles provide an ideal foundation for creating personalized spaces that offer both modernity and timeless elegance.” Essentially, people are probably choosing this more hybridized style so that their spaces won’t look dated in a year or two – smart!

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Kitchen islands instead of dining tables


Not surprisingly: kitchen islands are still really popular. Really surprising: Kitchen islands are now replacing dining tables in many homes, according to Masterbrand. 83 percent of the designers they surveyed did this on the projects they undertook. People are looking for more versatile pieces in their homes — islands offer more countertop space and plenty of storage for meal prep. And now on top of all this, they are the new family dining table.

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