Why Are Hot Dogs Called Hot Dogs? (Origin Of Hot Dogs)

Why Are Hot Dogs Called Hot Dogs

Know the answer to why hot dogs call hot dogs? If not, don’t worry. I am a chef and have a hobby to learn about food history. I always research food origin. Do you want to know what’s the reason behind naming bread and sausage as a hot dog? If no, keep reading this article. 

At first, hot dogs were not called hot dogs. According to different researches, it was named differently. People used to call hot dogs as hot Weiner. Some people used to call hot dogs Michigan. It’s a matter of sorrow that the perfect reason is still unknown to us.

For a long time, historians have tried to know why the “hot dog” is named as a hot dog. However, they have found some guessed reasons which can satisfy your thirst for knowledge. 

In this article, I’m going to write about how a hot dog was named. Let’s look at a glance. 

How Are Hot Dogs Called Hot Dogs? ( Shocking Reason)

From history, it is known that a cartoonist was responsible for naming hot dogs. Tad Dorgan holds the credit for naming hot dogs. He was a sports cartoonist in the New York Times. In 1901, hot dogs were called dachshund sausage or red hots.

One day in the New York polo grounds vendors was screaming to attract buyers saying ” Take your warm red hot dachshund sausage”. Tad Dorgan got an idea of a cartoon and he drew barking red hots in a bun. He didn’t know how to spell dachshund sausage so he didn’t think of anything and wrote hot dogs. 

Yes, you heard it right it didn’t have any outstanding meaning to the name hot dogs. He just didn’t know how to spell. After he published his cartoon, his cartoon got popular for using the word hot dog instead of dachshund sausage. Sadly historians couldn’t find any copy of his barking hot dog cartoon.

Who Invented The Hot Dog? 

Charles Feltman, a German immigrant in 1870 invented the hot dog. Earlier hot dogs were known as ” dachshund sausage”.

Does Hot Dog Contain Dog Meat? 

No, hot dogs don’t contain dog meat. They are usually made of pork. But some make hot dogs out of beef and chicken. There are also alternatives to hot dogs other than traditional ones. 

Why Do The British Call  Hot Dogs? 

British call hot dogs because of a joke. They used to tease by saying German’s long, small, thin dogs. Even the Germans called hot dogs a little dog. So the common word “dog” from then is still now.

What Is The Difference Between Hot Dogs And Sausage?

Some people must think there is no difference between hot dogs and sausage. But actually, there is. So I am going to describe four important differences between hot dogs and sausage.

Hot DogsSausage 
Mostly hot dogs are eaten without any skin on them.Sausages are always eaten with the skin on them.
Hot dogs are made in a long casting and shaped into a sausage.Typical sausages are made in a cylindrical shaped casing without breaking it apart.
Hot dogs originated in the USA.Sausage originated in Europe. 
Hot dogs are a kind of sausage but it’s not an entirely traditional sausage.It’s a generic term and it’s different in taste.

What Is The Difference Between Hot Dogs And Sandwiches? 

Well, there is not a definite difference between hot dogs and sandwiches according to Merriam-Webster. According to him, two or more two layers of bread having any kind of filling inside and between bread is known as sandwich. 

So by his definition hot dogs fall into the category of a sandwich. But many people still don’t consider hot dogs as a sandwich.

Why Is Frankfurter Called Hot Dogs?

A Weiner is originally made through Vienna Austria and a frankfurter is made by Frankfurt Germany. These two are very identical in look and taste. It tastes almost so similar that you aren’t able to differentiate.

A hot dog is not like a plain sausage. Generally, a hot dog is known as a hot dog when a frankfurter or a Weiner is inside a hot dog bun. 

As the frankfurter is the core of a hot dog. So frankfurter is named as a hot dog.

Final Verdict

I hope now you know why hot dogs are called hot dogs. Just because a man couldn’t spell “dachshund” the name hot dog was created. If you want to know more about hot dogs, read other articles on this blog.

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