Why Are Hot Dogs Bad For A Dog? [5 Shocking Reasons]

Why Are Hot Dogs Bad For A Dog

So your dog wants to eat hot dogs during cooking, right? But you’re a little bit confused if hot dogs are bad for dogs. Don’t worry! Your thought is logical. I have four dogs and am training them at home. To be honest, I know how hard it is to select a perfect food that is not bad for dogs’ health. 

There are commonly 4 reasons why you shouldn’t feed hot dogs to your dogs. These are: 

  1. Dogs cannot digest sausage,
  2. Onion and garlic are toxic ingredients for dogs, 
  3. High fat and calorie are bad for dogs’ health,
  4. The sodium that is included in hot dogs can be harmful to dogs’ health. 

In this article, I am going to describe all of them so that you can beware before feeding hot dogs to your dogs. 

 4 Things That Are Harmful In Hot Dogs For A Dog:

Let’s face it! Humans and dogs have different digestive systems. Foods that are not harmful to us could be harmful to a dog like hot dogs. 

According to research, these 4 things are harmful in hot dogs for a dog. Let’s look at a glance. 

1. Sausage:

By hot dog, I mean the sausage that is put onto a hot dog. It’s known to all that hot dogs are not freshly made. It’s made with processed meat. For example, sausage. 

So sausage can cause digestive problems for your dog. For this reason, try not to feed hot dogs to your dogs. 

 2. Toxic Ingredients:

Do you know there are few toxic items on the hot dog’s recipe? Needless to say, onion is one of them. We commonly use onions in each recipe. But, onion is a toxic ingredient for dogs. 

All parts of onions are bad for a dog. They cannot even consume powdered onions. It’s even risky to have garlic too. 

Sometimes, hot dogs are mixed with onions and garlic which is highly toxic for a dog. If they eat hot dogs containing onion and garlic, they can have anemia. 

3. Fat and calorie 

Hot dogs are not only high in fat but also high in calories. Foods that are high in fat and calorie is obviously bad for a dog. Because, high fat and calorie will make them bulkier. 

In addition, food that contains high fat and calories can lead dogs to pancreatitis (pancreas inflammation).

4. Sodium 

Hot dogs are also high in sodium. It is another ingredient that is harmful to dogs. If there is an excess amount of sodium mixed in their blood, chances are your dogs could suffer from chronic and acute hyponatremia. 

It will make a dog feel dehydrated and then they will drink too much water which will lead to the secretion of excess urination. 

Can Dogs Eat Greasy Foods Like Hot Dogs?

Dogs can’t eat any kind of greasy food. Reason is very simple. Greasy foods may cause inflammation in their pancreas.

Hot Dog Sausage & Dog: Here Is What You Should Know

Dogs love meat and If they smell sausage they will definitely want them as a treat from you.

It is very important for you to make sure that your dog doesn’t consume any hot dog sausage. If they eat hot dogs once and start liking them, they will want and crave it more and more. 

And then, it will be hard for your dog to eat his plain dog food again. This is how hot dog sausage will leave a bad impact on a dog’s body.

Can Hot Dogs Kill A Dog?

Hot dogs can’t kill a dog. But it’s hazardous to the dog’s health.

What Will Happen If Your Dogs Eat Hot Dogs? 

In my point of view, you will see 5 shocking facts about your dog if your dog eats hot dogs. These are listed below. 

1. Certain Diseases:

Hot dogs contain processed meat. Do you know that any kind of processed food is not allowed for dogs? If dogs consume hot dogs, disease rates can increase in their bodies. 

The World Health organization (WHO) has declared that any kind of processed meat is primarily harmful to humans and animals. 

And among beef, chicken, lamb, and pork, you should highly ignore giving pork to your dog. Hot dog sausages are usually made with pork so you should not feed hot dogs to your dogs. 

2. Problem With Dog’s Heart And Kidney:

Hot dogs contain high calories and lots of fatty substances. Fatty and high calories foods are not suitable options for a dog’s heart and kidney. 

Too much intake of fat may build up health issues. Fat intake will make a dog bulky after that he won’t be able to enjoy his daily life like he used to.

3. Questionable Ingredients: 

It is not known to us what chemicals are put in a hot dog to preserve them other than their basic ingredient. It is better to avoid sausage because it is made from processed meat.

These preservatives in a hot dog are definitely harmful to a dog. If a dog eats hot dogs, he can get diarrhea or vomiting tendency.

4. Allergic reactions:

Some hot dogs may contain garlic and onion. It is highly forbidden for a dog to eat any food with garlic and onion because they work as a toxic substance for their body.

Some hot dogs may contain spices which are also harmful to a dog to consume. So a dog can get allergic reactions after eating hot dogs. 

    5. Hot Dogs Shape And Size:

Dogs have a tendency to gulp their food without chewing them. Hot dogs are long and wide in shape. If you give your dog one hot dog, he will try to eat it without chewing. 

If your dog doesn’t chew his food, he can choke on this food. So definitely hot dogs are bad for a bad.

What Happens If Dogs Eat Hot Dogs That Are Contained Onions? 

If your dogs eat hot dots that are contained onions, they may cause these disease: 

  • faint, 
  • Vomiting tendency, 
  • Couldn’t eat food,
  • Weakness, and many more.  

Final Verdict:

Did you get the answer to your question “why are hot dogs bad for a dog?” Some people might suggest you give a little amount of hot dog to your dog. But try not to give them not even a single bite of a hot dog. 

You never know what kind of health damage a hot dog can do to a dog. Read our other articles to know more information on hot dogs.

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