Is Using Instant Pot Healthy?

Is Using Instant Pot Healthy

Going to buy an instant pot, but don’t know if using an instant pot is really healthy? Well, I know the answer. Being a professional chef, I know the health benefits of using an instant pot. Using an instant pot is healthy but it also has some unhealthy effects. 

Instant Pots are made with good quality steel. It’s environmentally harm-free and safe to use. As no chemical raw items are used in making an instant pot, so dishes made with an instant pot are filled with nutrients.

Keep reading to know how using instant pot is healthy.

5 Reasons Why Instant Pot Is Healthy:

There are lots of reasons why instant pot is healthy. Here I am describing 5. Such as: 

1. Food Nutrient: 

Food nutrients get locked while cooking in an instant pot. Food is prepared by pressure in an instant pot. Though, normally, food nutrients go away by evaporation they stay while cooking in an instant pot.

2. Materials: 

Instant pot is mainly made of steel and doesn’t contain any harmful elements. They are also made out of aluminum which doesn’t harm anyone’s health at all. 

3. Easy Digestion: 

It’s clearly noticeable that food cooked with an instant pot is healthy. Instant pot helps save food nutrients which make food easily digestible. Because food cooked in an instant pot is more tender than normal cooking.

4. Oil:

 You can use very little oil in an instant pot while cooking. It can help you in maintaining fat in any kind of food. 

5. Healthy Recipes: 

Instant pot can’t make your food magically healthy. Healthy recipes specially designed for an instant pot make instant pot healthy.

3 Study That Shows Instant Pot Is Healthy 

There are lots of studies and debates about whether instant pot is healthy or not. But using instant pot is really healthy and 3 recent studies have proved that The studies are:

  1. Instant pot helps hold 90% of a broccoli’s vitamin C if you use the pressure option in it. If you steam and boil broccoli in an instant pot, it saves up to 78% and 66% of vitamin C respectively. This study was shown in the “Journal Of Food Science”.
  1. Instant pot cooking is much easier to digest and healthier than cooking in the microwave. So instant pot cooking helps save food nutrients undoubtedly.
  1. Some studies found if you boil or pressure steam in an instant pot, it can help increase antioxidants. While normal boiling and steaming decrease antioxidants.

Can You Sterilize Instant Pot To Make It Healthy? 7 Steps

You can sterilize instant pots to clean any kind of bottle and bowls. It’s very healthy for a baby milk water bowl. It allows you to save time too. This sterilize process will help you sterilize the instant pot. I know 7 steps by which you can sterilize instant pot.  Such as:

1. Water:

 First, take one glass of water into the instant pot. And put water into the inner pot inside of an instant pot. You will need the water to boil up for sterilizing. 

2. Trivet:

 Take a steel trivet or any kind of steel steaming rack. Put that trivet or rack above the water so it can hold up the weight of things that you want to sterilize. 

3. Close Lid:

After putting a trivet, put everything above the trivet and close the lid properly. And closing the vent from the lid will help you prevent any kind of steam from escaping that is created from the pressure.

4. Steam: 

There is an instant button option which is in the steamer. Switch the steam button and start sterilizing.

5. Set Timer:

Set your instant pot timer up to 2 min.  After the timer shuts, wait for 4 to 5 minutes for the natural release of an instant pot.

6. Manual Release: 

Let the instant pot release manually too. There is a silver prong on the lid. Be cautious while manual release silver prong releases from the lid. Be careful of hot steam that comes out of the instant pot. 

7. Clean Towel: 

At last, after the steaming is complete. Take a clean towel to take out the sterilized bottle or bowl. Then clean the excess water made from steam.

Compare Between Nutrient Consumption In An Instant And Normal Cooking:

Instant Pot Normal Cooking.
Broccoli saves up to 90% vitamin C.Broccoli saves vitamin C 60 to 80% max.
You can add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and mix it with rice for making the carbohydrates of rice low.You can’t make any less carbohydrate rice while cooking without an instant pot.

Is Instant Pot Unhealthy?

The instant pot is not unhealthy. While cooking on an instant pot, steel doesn’t melt because of heat. Nor any harmful chemical gets mixed with food. Also, different functions work in different ways which don’t create any kind of toxic substances in the food. That is why instant pot is completely healthy. There are lots of studies that proved that instant pots are healthy.

Is Rice cooked In An Instant Pot Cooker Healthy?

Rice cooked in an instant pot cooker is healthy. Rice nutrients get locked in an instant pot. It cooks through high pressure and temperature. Also, there is an option for cooking rice which helps cook rice more healthily. Cooking in an instant pot makes the rice fluffy and perfect each time you cook.

Does Instant Pot Kill Bacteria?

Instant pot can kill bacteria. Food made with your instant pot is safe. Because high-temperature options and pressure kill any kind of microbe. Making baby food in an instant pot is also safe. There is also a sterilized option for sterilizing. So instant pot kills bacteria easily.

Are Instant Pots Toxic?

Instant pots aren’t toxic. They are eco-friendly and free of chemicals. There is no chance of cooking food in instant pots is toxic. Even lots of research made sure that instant pots aren’t toxic.

Final Verdict:

I hope now you know using instant pot is healthy. There is no harm because no toxic substance is created from an instant pot. But I would suggest you sterilize before using the instant pot. It will help you cook food more safely.

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