Is It Safe To Microwave Hot Dogs

Is It Safe To Microwave Hot Dogs

Going to cook hot dogs, but don’t know if it is safe to cook in the microwave? Well! There are lots of ways to cook and enjoy a hot dog. Some like boiled sausage and some enjoy the smoky grilled flavor in hot dogs. 

As a foodie, I love grilled hot dogs with a bit of relish most. There are lots of ways to make hot dogs at home. 

Microwave is safe to make hot dogs. Because microwave provides heat properly to every side of a hot dog. So hot dogs become perfectly cooked and safe for consumption. Note that the microwave is able to protect hot dogs from Listeria.

I’m going to explain everything you need to know. So keep reading this article from top to bottom.  

Pre-heated Hot Dogs & Reheated Hot Dogs: Break Down The Matter:

Microwaving hot dogs doesn’t mean that we are cooking in a microwave oven. Because the microwave doesn’t have functions as an oven. I am talking about whether reheating hot dogs is safe or not.

Already hot dogs are pre-cooked when you buy them from the grocery store. You can directly eat it from the packet but you shouldn’t do that. Because it needs to be perfectly reheated before eating.

Don’t make the mistake of eating them without reheating. Because even if they are precooked they are not fully heated. It’s well known to all that if the food gets heated properly any kind of microorganisms dies. 

So it’s vital to reheat before eating. A microwave oven is very popular in case of reheating daily food. 

Tip: If your bun is stale take a zip lock bag and flick some water to your bun and microwave it for 10 to 15 seconds. You would get a soft fresh bun.

Hot Dogs & Listeria: What You Should Know

Like other foods, you can reheat a hot dog in your microwave. But you need to do it correctly. Otherwise, bacteria or any other microorganisms that are in food won’t die. 

There is a common bacteria that can be found in hot dogs. This bacteria is known as Listeria. It can definitely make people with lower immune systems and then sick. 

Elderly people, children, and pregnant women are highly at risk if they eat hot dogs without proper reheating. 

How long Do you Need To Microwave Hot Dogs When Pregnant?

You need to microwave hot dogs long until the hot dogs are thoroughly cooked if you are pregnant. Because hot dogs contain bacteria that can make a pregnant woman sick.

How Long Should You Microwave Two Hot Dogs?

For about 1 -1.20 minutes long, you microwave two hot dogs. If you microwave for more than 1.50 minutes then your hot dogs will overcook.

Do Hot Dogs Explode In Microwave?

Hot dogs explode in the microwave because they have casing on them so when they are exposed to heat they explode. Overcooking makes hot dogs explode.

Microwave And Others: Which One Is The Best To Cook Hot Dogs?

I am comparing five kitchen appliances to determine the best to cook hot dogs.

Kitchen Appliance To Cook Hot Dogs Duration 
Microwave It takes up to 1 minute 30 seconds.
StoveIt takes up to 6/7 minutes at least.
Charcoal It takes about 7 to 12 minutes 
Pressure cooker It takes 16 minutes to cook.
Oven It takes about 10 to 20 minutes in the oven.

Among the five kitchen appliances, microwaving hot dogs is safe and fast.

Microwaving Hot Dogs Safely

It’s necessary to heat hot dogs long to kill bacteria it needs to be at 175•F. But microwaving directly for a long time at 175°F makes the sausage grill like texture. 

Personally, I love the taste but some might like the boiled version. So you need to know the proper way of heating the hot dog in a microwave with water.

Microwave Hot Dog In Water : 

Microwaving hot dogs in water is a safe way to cook or reheat the hot dog. You can cook it on both a stove and microwave with water. 

But if you compare both microwaving and stove, cooking and reheating with water in the microwave works faster than heating on a stove. 

Boil Hot Dogs In The  Microwave :

First of all, you need to boil the water in the microwave and put your hot dog’s sausage into the water completely. Exactly after 5-6 minutes, hot dogs are reheated perfectly. 

If you refrigerate hot dogs, you need to reheat them again at 175°F properly. Any kind of bacteria gets off the hot dog. But it’s safer than you use water instead of direct reheating in the microwave. 

Safely Reheating Hot Dogs In Microwave :

If you are reheating hot dog sausages from the refrigerated stage then you need to make sure to slightly slit the sausage. If the sausage is not slit before use then due to heating it could burst open which will definitely destroy the perfect shape of the sausage. 

After slitting you need to place a bowl of water in the microwave where you can drown your hot dogs fully. Firstly heated them for about 75 to 80 seconds. Then you need to cut off the tip of the hot dog’s sausage so that they can properly take heat from all the sides.

What To Do If Your Hot Dog Is Cold  Even After Microwaving? 

If the hot dog is still cold then you need to keep microwaving them until they are defrosted and cooked inside and out. Of course, this method works perfectly. 

But the bowl in the microwave to lay a hot dog might seem too much if you eat hot dogs regularly. But if you want the best tool for reheating hot dogs then you can get yourself a microwave hot dog cooker for daily use.

Microwave Hot Dog Cooker: 

It’s been years since  I have been cooking hot dogs in a microwave and stove. But I am more comfortable using a microwave for heating. As I need to microwave hot dogs regularly the same bowl couldn’t bear the heat of the microwave again and again throughout the week. So I got myself a microwave hot dog cooker. 

This device is shaped like a packet of chicken sausage in plastic. You can place 4 to 5 hot dog sausage at the same time. It has a marked water line and a lid. The lid helps to hold the steam without letting it out. 

So the hot dogs get more heat than using a bowl. The more heat the hot dogs get the more properly cooked it becomes. So the bacteria also get killed easily. This device helps hot dogs reheat and properly cook faster. 

Surprisingly there are not only microwave hot dog cookers but also there is another device specially made for hot dogs. They look like a toaster that helps to completely heat up the hot dog including the bun. Most importantly both of the processes help to remove any kind of microorganisms from the hot dogs.

Final Verdict 

No matter what process you use, everything is easy in the case of a hot dog. So don’t think that you cannot heat a dog properly if you haven’t done it before. Just relax and follow the simple steps.

I think at last you got your answer to the question “Is it safe to microwave hot dog ?” Still, let me clear it up. Yes, definitely it is safe to microwave a hot dog. 

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