How To Use A Pressure Cooker

How To Use A Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker seems difficult to use. But actually, it’s not hard to use. Do you want to cook food in a pressure cooker? But don’t know how to use a pressure cooker? Don’t worry because you are in the right place.

Using a pressure cooker is the easiest thing to do. It is faster than any other cooking methods. Nowadays a pressure cooker is the most popular kitchen appliance for busy people. For using a pressure cooker make sure to know 3 aspects. Such as: 

  • Understanding the pressure cooker 
  • Water Ratio
  • Use of pressure cooker

In this article, I am going to describe how you can use a pressure cooker. Read up to the bottom of this article to understand the usage of pressure cooker easily.

Understanding Pressure Cooker Before Using

A pressure cooker is a sensitive appliance. Understanding the pressure cooker is the most important part before knowing the usage of the pressure cooker. I am describing the important parts. Such as:

1. Understand Pressure Cooker: 

A pressure cooker works when it comes in contact with heat. From the heat, food gets cooked fast by the steam produced from a pressure cooker. 

2. Check Pressure Cooker: 

Make sure to check the pressure cooker. Sometimes there can be a crack under or by the side of the pressure cooker pot. If the pressure cooker is broken it can be dangerous. The pressure cooker can release hot steam by the crack side and can burn you.

3. Water Ratio: 

Checking water ratio is the most important factor while using a pressure cooker. After the lid of the pressure cooker is closed. It can’t be opened suddenly for more water. It’s recommended to fill water maximum ⅔ of the pressure cooker. 

4. Steaming Basket:

 The pressure cooker has a steaming basket. Normally, seafood and vegetables are cooked into it. To hold the basket trivet is given at the bottom of the pressure cooker. 

How Much Water Ratio Does Pressure Cooker Need According To Type?

Water ratio balancing is an important factor while cooking in a pressure cooker. This water helps the food to cook. In an electric pressure cooker, the water ratio is written in the pot. But in a stove pressure cooker, you need to measure it. There are two types of stove pressure cookers. The water ratio that a pressure cooker needs according to type are:

  • Jiggle: 

For the jiggle top pressure cooker it’s recommended to fill the pressure cooker to ⅓ with water or broth. Jiggle pressure cooker cooks for about 20 minutes for 1 cup of water. 

  • Valve: 

Valve pressure cooker is the modern pressure cooker that is used nowadays. It’s recommended to use ½ cup liquid for cooking in a pressure cooker.  

How To Use Pressure Cooker (6 Steps)

Follow these simple 6 steps for electric and stove pressure cookers. The 6 steps of using a pressure cooker are:

1. Food: 

It’s possible to saute food in a pressure cooker then you can add water or any kind of broth to cook food.

2. Check Valve:

 After adding food and water close the lid properly. Then check the valve and set it into the correct position of the pressure cooker.

3. Select Pressure:

 For an electric pressure cooker you can set pressure level and time with a few clicks. For a stove pressure cooker, you can select pressure by turning on the heat.

4. Wait: 

Both of the pressure cookers will start cooking with the start of heat given. So wait for the pressure to build up.

5. Start Cooking: 

The time of cooking will be shown in the electric pressure cooker when the cooking starts. But for a stove pressure cooker, you need to maintain a timer for measuring cooking time.

6. Release Pressure:

After the cooking is finished you need to release the pressure of a pressure cooker. It’s recommended to use natural pressure release for both category pressure cookers. 


Don’t open the pressure cooker while cooking anything. The pressure cooker needs to release pressure before opening. Otherwise, accidents can happen. 

How Pressure Cooker Cooks Food Fast?

Pressure cookers cook food fast for two main reasons. I am describing the two reasons. Such as: 

1. Boiling Point: 

When any food is cooked at a standard temperature it’s not possible to increase the boiling point. But in a pressure cooker, increases the temperature of the boiling point with the help of adding pressure. So the pressure cooker cooks food faster than other methods.

2. Forces Hot Liquid: 

Steam is the most efficient option to transfer heat. In a pressure cooker, the steam is pressured into an extra high and fast heat. A pressure cooker helps to force hot liquid into food with the help of steam. So the food gets cooked fast. 

7 Food items That You Can Cook In A Pressure Cooker Fast

There are a plethora of items that you can cook in a pressure cooker. But I am describing only 7 food items for your understanding. Such as:

  • Bone Broth
  • Beans
  • Tender Meat
  • Vegetables
  • Soup
  • Whole Chicken 
  • Stews

Comparison Between Pressure Cooker And Stove Cooking.

I am comparing a pressure cooker and stove cooking for a better understanding. Such as:

Pressure CookerStove Cooking
Pressure cookers cook food by the help of pressure.Stove cooking takes the help of heat to cook food.
Food can be cooked fast by using a pressure cooker.No matter how much heat is provided fast cooking is not possible at stove.
Pressure cooker helps to save time and water.Stove cooking needs a lot of time and water to cook a 

How Do You Use A Pressure Cooker For The First Time?

For using a pressure cooker for the first time you need to select the correct cooking position and close the lid perfectly. Place the pressure cooker onto the stove on high heat. Soon your pressure cooker will start bubbling sound and let you know it’s under pressure. Then lower the heat of the stove to medium and let it cook according to the time set. At last open the pressure cooker after natural release.

Do You Use Oil In A Pressure Cooker?

You can use oil in a pressure cooker. You can saute food in oil before cooking in a pressure cooker. Also, it’s possible to deep fry a chicken in a pressure cooker. But basically, liquid like water and stock helps food to cook in a pressure cooker.

How Much Liquid Do You Need For Using A Pressure Cooker?

You will need at least 1 cup of Liquid for using a pressure cooker. Wine, water, and broth can be used as liquid substances for cooking in a pressure cooker. A pressure cooker cooks food with the help of liquid and steam. So you can’t skip adding liquid to a pressure cooker. 

What Cooking Methods Can You Use With A Pressure Cooker?

Nowadays people use lots of cooking methods to use a pressure cooker. You can boil, roast, braise, poach and even bake in a pressure cooker. But every method isn’t possible in a stove pressure cooker. In an electric pressure cooker, you can even cook yogurt. Pressure cooker cooking methods are best used when you are short of time.

Is Using Pressure Cooker Healthy?

Using a pressure cooker is healthy. As a pressure cooker is made of steel and Alminium it doesn’t contain any harmful substances. Also, food is cooked inside a pressure cooker. Pressure cooker traps food nutrients with the help of steam created inside of the pot. So most of the nutrients don’t go out of a pressure cooker.

Final Verdict:

 Don’t get nervous if you are going to use a pressure cooker for the first time. It’s not hard to operate a pressure cooker. After the first usage, you would feel comfortable using a pressure cooker.

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