About Raymond Brown

This is Raymond Brown. I have created this website to share kitchen hacks and to teach easy recipes. You can use these kitchen hacks to improve your cooking skill.

By profession, I am a Michelin chef from California. From teenage years, I had a keen interest in cooking. I took a diploma in Culinary Arts to start my career as a professional chef. 

When I was young, I learned cooking from my father. He used to run a small restaurant in Washington. He  taught me small and big tips to use in the kitchen. All my life, I have been using these tips. 

Today he is not by my side anymore. I would love to share my knowledge and experiences in honour of my father. He taught me some secret recipes too. I want to share these easy recipes, kitchen tips and kitchen hacks so that you can be a better cook too. 

In this website you would get solutions to your cooking and kitchen problems. This website gave me a dimension to follow my passion in the kitchen by helping you through writing.